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We believe that everyone is entitled to an accurate credit report. We walk you through the process and help as long as you need us. The only thing we require you to pay for is a credit monitoring subscription. As we work towards your financial goals, we also recommend credit-building offers like credit cards and loans. If you choose any of these tailored offers, the providers compensate us.

vs Traditional Credit Repair

FEES Setup FEE Monthly FEE Credit Monitoring Average Monthly Cost
$0 FOREVER $0 FOREVER $24.95 MONTHLY $24.95
Traditional Credit Repair Up to $399 (One Time Fee) Up to $199 (Monthly) $25-$40 (Monthly) $250+


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Under federal law you have the right to receive a Credit Report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies once every 12 months. A Credit Score is not included.

IMPORTANT: is not a credit repair service organization. We do not claim to fix your credit as we are a self-help software.

You have a right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report by contacting the credit bureau directly. However, neither you nor a credit repair company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current and verifiable information removed from your credit report. The credit bureau must remove accurate, negative information from your report only if it is over 7 years old. Bankruptcy information can be reported up to 10 years. Credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that the information they report is accurate. However, mistakes may occur. You may, on your own, notify a credit bureau in writing that you dispute that accuracy of information in your credit file. The credit bureau must then reinvestigate and modify or remove inaccurate or incomplete information. The credit bureau may not charge any fee for this service. Any pertinent information and copies of all documents you have concerning an error should be given to the credit bureau. If the credit bureau's reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, you may send a brief statement to the credit bureau to be kept in your file, explaining why you think the record is inaccurate. The credit bureau must include a summary of your statement about disputed information with any report it issues about you.

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